Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Few cases are more important, or defended more vigorously than medical malpractice cases. Out of necessity you, or a loved one, go to the doctor or hospital. You expect the best care and the people taking care of you to be the good guys. Most of them are, but some don’t belong anywhere near you and have no business making medical decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, sometimes the clinic or hospital fills its staff with recruits from out of state with less than desirable experience and qualities. And, sometimes, your care provider is incompetent, preoccupied or in no state to make life altering, or life ending, decisions for you or your loved one. Whether you came in for a routine out-patient procedure or specialized treatment, the law requires that your care be up to the expected medical standard. When the treatment, or lack of treatment, falls below that standard of care, it’s medical malpractice.

Whether you are injured, or death results, this situation requires an experienced attorney not afraid to take on the medical profession and its insurers. Tim is willing to go the extra mile to successfully represent a malpractice case in Oklahoma. Tim Gilpin has handled medical malpractice cases that required specialized attention and the grit to see them through. The medical defense industry does not admit any wrong or lay down any defense without a fight. Tim has successfully won his clients, and their families, millions of dollars due to malpractice.

Tim’s clients have included people blinded by negligent doctors,  pharmacy mis-fills, wrongful death of a loved one  due to a doctor’s  personal irresponsibility, and professional incompetence.

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Tim Gilpin is a wonderful lawyer with great negotiation skills. I felt very well taken care of during a very difficult and stressful time. Any time I called or emailed with a question or concern, it was responded to very quickly and this has not been my experience with other law firms I have used in the past. Tim Gilpin’s exceptional knowledge and skill contributed to me being a very satisfied client. I’m very happy I chose Gilpin Law for legal representation.


After a car accident and difficulties with the insurance company, we went to Gilpin Law to help get it settled. Mr. Gilpin handled our case quickly and professionally, with a positive outcome. We highly recommend Gilpin Law Firm!


Great lawyer


Due to reckless drivers over the years I've had to use Tim Gilpin more than once but I can certainly attest that he is one of the best around. He is competent, through, diligent and knows the law & how insurance companies operate! Once he's on the case I know that I have nothing to worry about other than healing. Something he insists on (your health and healing). I have referred others to him as well over the years - I too was fortunate to be referred by a friend that swears by him. He's definitely the lawyer to have if you ever are involved in an auto wreck!

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Attorney Tim Gilpin is an intelligent and hard-working lawyer who gets results for the people the represents. He is an attorney with high ethics and professionalism who works hard for his clients in civil litigation cases.