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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Top Questions, Answered.

Do I have a case?

If you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, in a car accident, by a doctor or mesothelioma, you may have a personal injury case. Everyone’s case is different, so you should talk to a qualified personal injury, accident attorney as soon as possible. Oklahoma has a two (2) year statute of limitation period on most negligence cases. Whether you are badly injured, hurt or a loved one has died, Gilpin Law will talk to you and investigate at no charge. Your consultation is always free.

What does negligence mean?

Everyone has to take proper or reasonable care when doing something. If they fail to act with reasonable care and another person(s) is injured as a result, then they were negligent. This applies to car or truck drivers, doctors, hospitals, product manufacturers, retailers or anyone or any corporation that has a responsibility to behave or conduct themselves in a certain or safe way. When someone is careless, reckless or acts outside the law and regulations, different statutes of limitation apply (time deadline) within which you must bring a lawsuit or settle the matter.  Gilpin Law provides aggressive representation on their cases and does not let cases wait around. Contact an experienced injury lawyer as soon as possible. Someone could be found negligent if their mistakes injure others, cause harm, or the death of another.

How long does a lawsuit take?

Short answer – it depends on how quickly we get started, the Court and the parties in any lawsuit. Lawsuits can take as little as a few months to as long as a couple of years. It’s best to talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible to evaluate and begin the process soon after a deadly incident, injury or diagnosis. Gilpin Law is aggressive in moving its cases to their best conclusion. Our cases don’t sit on the shelf. An experienced lawyer can give you a clearer picture of your case’s timeframe. It’s helpful to talk to a local lawyer familiar with your type of case.

What do your services cost?

Gilpin Law Office and Tim Gilpin always provide a free consultation. Most of our cases are taken on a contingency basis and we earn no fee unless your case is won. If your case is successful, a contingency fee means a percentage of the recovered amount is the attorney fee.

How much is my case worth?

An experienced injury lawyer will consult with you and evaluate your case. Each case is different, but 38 plus years of settling, mediating and doing jury trials for clients gives Gilpin Law an advantage you can use. After talking with you and gathering some facts, Gilpin Law can give you a solid basis as to what you can expect in damages and the compensation you are owed for your injuries or loved one’s death.

Client Reviews

Tim Gilpin is a wonderful lawyer with great negotiation skills. I felt very well taken care of during a very difficult and stressful time. Any time I called or emailed with a question or concern, it was responded to very quickly and this has not been my experience with other law firms I have used in the past. Tim Gilpin’s exceptional knowledge and skill contributed to me being a very satisfied client. I’m very happy I chose Gilpin Law for legal representation.

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After a car accident and difficulties with the insurance company, we went to Gilpin Law to help get it settled. Mr. Gilpin handled our case quickly and professionally, with a positive outcome. We highly recommend Gilpin Law Firm!

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Great lawyer

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Due to reckless drivers over the years I've had to use Tim Gilpin more than once but I can certainly attest that he is one of the best around. He is competent, through, diligent and knows the law & how insurance companies operate! Once he's on the case I know that I have nothing to worry about other than healing. Something he insists on (your health and healing). I have referred others to him as well over the years - I too was fortunate to be referred by a friend that swears by him. He's definitely the lawyer to have if you ever are involved in an auto wreck!

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I Ob

Attorney Tim Gilpin is an intelligent and hard-working lawyer who gets results for the people the represents. He is an attorney with high ethics and professionalism who works hard for his clients in civil litigation cases.

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