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Car Wreck

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You followed the rules of the road, but someone didn’t, and now you’re stuck paying for someone else’s negligence. After a car accident, you want to get on with your life. But the cost of a motor vehicle wreck can be devastating, especially when the property loss, medical expenses, lost work and wages, physical pain, and long-term disability resulting from an accident start to pile up. And unfortunately, insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out the full amount of what’s owed. 

Don’t let the insurance company rush you into settling for less than you’re owed. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, call Tim Gilpin of Gilpin Law Office to get the compensation you deserve. Call the Gilpin Law Office at 918.583.8900 today. 

Compensation for Oklahoma Auto Collisions

According to the CDC, motor vehicle accidents were responsible for more than 2.1 million emergency room accidents in 2020, and nearly 41,000 people were killed as a result of car accidents. When you’ve experienced a serious auto collision, the fallout can be catastrophic. Insurance companies will always try to get away with paying as little as they can even when another driver’s negligence leaves you stuck with pain and suffering from a life-changing injury, lost wages, and lost property. 

Once you’ve accepted an insurance payout, getting the compensation you’re owed in excess of that payout can be difficult. Don’t let the insurance company push you into accepting a small check when you’ve got an experienced Green Country car accident lawyer to guide you through the process and get the compensation you’re owed. Tim Gilpin of Gilpin Law Office has 34 plus years of experience successfully helping people get the compensation they need to move on with their lives after an auto wreck. No matter what type of accident you’ve been involved in, Tim Gilpin can help. 

  • Car, truck, and SUV accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Cyclist accidents
  • Distracted drivers
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Road rage and aggressive drivers
  • Drug, alcohol, or prescription medication DUI 
  • Hit-and-runs
  • Hazardous roadways
  • Uber or Lyft accidents
  • And more

What to Do After a Car Accident

Insurance companies advertise fast, friendly service when they sell the policy. But unlike the friendly salesperson, the claims adjuster works for the insurance company that owes you money and not for you. An adjuster’s job is to pay as little money as possible – if any at all – which is why they’re so eager to take your statement and maybe even hand you a small check. That’s why it’s important to beware and protect your own legitimate interests before speaking with any adjuster after an auto collision. 

Follow these steps if you’ve been in an accident:

Stay safe and remain calm. 

Your first concern at the wreck scene should be your safety and that of others involved. Tension and adrenaline run high when you’re in a car wreck, but stay calm. If you are able, get out of oncoming traffic. Beware of dangers on the scene and other vehicles piling on. 

Contact the police. 

Once you’re safe, call the police. If you’re unable, have someone call on your behalf. If the car wreck was not your fault, you need the police to come to the scene and conduct an investigation. If you leave without a police investigation, determining fault will come down to your word against the other driver’s. Verbal admissions at the scene that are not made to and noted by the police will mean little – if anything – down the road. 

Report the details accurately to the police, including any injuries or problems you have suffered. It can take a while to get a collision report from police, so also ask for the names, identifying information, and insurance companies of other drivers involved. If you’re able to, ask any witnesses for their names and contact information. 

Seek immediate medical treatment.

If you are hurt or experiencing symptoms like head pain, body pain, or difficulty concentrating, let emergency personnel or paramedics at the scene assist you and take you to a hospital. If you don’t feel like emergency care is needed but think you are injured, go to your physician, urgent care clinic, or emergency room as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more you delay recovery and make it harder to link your damages to the wreck. Be sure to tell any medical personnel the details of your wreck and injuries. 

Gather evidence. 

Use your cell phone to record evidence at the car crash scene. If you go to the hospital, ask someone else to take photos of the vehicles and the scene. Photos of the vehicles involved, debris or obstructions at the scene, including skid marks and the road will most certainly prove important in supporting your claim. 

Don’t imply you’re at fault. 

Be sure to cooperate with the police on any official investigation. But if possible, seek advice from a car accident attorney first. While you’re at the scene of the accident and afterward, avoid making statements to others that could imply you’re at fault even if you think you might be. Often after a car accident, facts can emerge showing that the other driver is at fault in the collision. If the other driver is at fault, they’re responsible for your car repair, rental car, and most importantly, medical bills and other expenses related to your injuries. 

Contact an attorney. 

Even if the other driver is at fault, the insurance company may still not pay or want to pay enough to cover your expenses and injuries. Tim Gilpin has over 35 years of experience in car and truck crashes and has recovered millions for his clients. 

Car wrecks involve a claims adjuster, or even a law office, on the other side. Even when it looks clear, a dispute about fault can arise. And then there’s the value of the injury claim. Remember, the at-fault person’s insurer and liability insurance owe you no legal duty to be fair in a car crash scenario. And if the person at fault is underinsured or uninsured, your own U.M. (uninsured motorist) coverage can come into play. 

Contact a Green Country Auto Accident Attorney

When you need help after a car, truck, or vehicle accident, Tim Gilpin has the experience to help you get your life back on track. He knows where to look and the right questions to ask to help you get relief from the at-fault party and insurance company. 

If you’ve already spoken with an insurance company adjuster, don’t go any further by cashing a check, signing a release, or giving a recorded statement before you call a local experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer. Contact Tim Gilpin with Gilpin Law Office at 918.583.8900 to get your free consultation today.


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Tim Gilpin is a wonderful lawyer with great negotiation skills. I felt very well taken care of during a very difficult and stressful time. Any time I called or emailed with a question or concern, it was responded to very quickly and this has not been my experience with other law firms I have used in the past. Tim Gilpin’s exceptional knowledge and skill contributed to me being a very satisfied client. I’m very happy I chose Gilpin Law for legal representation.

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After a car accident and difficulties with the insurance company, we went to Gilpin Law to help get it settled. Mr. Gilpin handled our case quickly and professionally, with a positive outcome. We highly recommend Gilpin Law Firm!

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Great lawyer

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Due to reckless drivers over the years I've had to use Tim Gilpin more than once but I can certainly attest that he is one of the best around. He is competent, through, diligent and knows the law & how insurance companies operate! Once he's on the case I know that I have nothing to worry about other than healing. Something he insists on (your health and healing). I have referred others to him as well over the years - I too was fortunate to be referred by a friend that swears by him. He's definitely the lawyer to have if you ever are involved in an auto wreck!

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Attorney Tim Gilpin is an intelligent and hard-working lawyer who gets results for the people the represents. He is an attorney with high ethics and professionalism who works hard for his clients in civil litigation cases.

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