Harassment & Discrimination

Harassment & Discrimination

Oklahoma Employment Discrimination and Harassment Lawyer 

Fight back against workplace discrimination and harassment based on:

  • Disability

  • Pregnancy

  • Sexual orientation

  • Sex

  • Age

  • Work injury

You work hard to support yourself and your family, and you need your job. But that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate unfair discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Workplace discrimination is against Oklahoma state and U.S. federal laws. When you’ve been the victim of workplace discrimination or harassment, call Tim Gilpin at Gilpin Law Office to get a free legal consultation from an experienced Oklahoma discrimination law firm. Contact Tim at 918.583.8900 today. 

Understanding Discrimination Law in Oklahoma

Few things in life are more devastating to you than being harassed or losing a job due to your race, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, age, or because you had a work-related injury. When you need a local attorney who understands discrimination law inside and out, Tim Gilpin is the one to call.

When it comes to discrimination claims, the size of the employer determines which law applies to a claim. If an employer has 15 or more employees, then it’s likely that federal law may apply, whereas cases with fewer than 15 employees likely mean state law applies. 

If the claim falls under federal law Title VII, your statute of limitation is only 300 days. You have to take the first step and file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (within 300 days under federal law) or, the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office (within 180 days of the offending act under state law). Generally, the law will provide for payment of back wages lost, future wages reasonably lost, emotional distress, benefits lost, and pain and suffering that can be linked to the job loss and the resulting chaos in a family’s life.

Types of Employment Discrimination

Sex-based or Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual discrimination occurs when a manager, supervisor, or co-worker won’t take “no” for an answer to sexual advances, continues making offensive sex-related comments, or treats you adversely because of your sexual or gender orientation. This includes name-calling, poor assignments, mistreatment, harassment or retaliation because you said “no” to intimate contact or sexual interest or because of who you are due to your sexual orientation. The law protects employees from discrimination, harassment, and job termination due to their gender and sexual orientation under state and federal Title VII laws.

Race and National Origin

Under state and federal Title VII laws, employees are also protected from harassment, discrimination, and employment termination based on their race or national origin. When a supervisor, manager, or coworker treats you adversely based on race or national origin rather than the quality of work, this is discrimination. Name-calling, poor assignments, harassment, retaliation, and mistreatment are also examples of discrimination under the law. 


An injured or disabled worker is protected under the law from adverse treatment at work, harassment, and termination when all they needed was a reasonable accommodation to do their job. Further, an employer cannot treat an able-bodied worker as disabled because of an injury or condition that doesn’t stop the employee from doing his or her job. It’s against the law to harass, fire, or retaliate because of a disability, or because your boss views you as disabled. If you can perform your job either without accommodation or with reasonable accommodation, you should not be treated adversely or lose your job. 


An employee cannot be adversely treated at the workplace or fired because she is pregnant or takes some time off to care for her child after giving birth. Unfortunately, all too often a woman is looked down on as a liability and then harassed, given poor work assignments, or fired because of pregnancy or taking off to care for her child. 

It breaks the law to harass, fire, or retaliate because of sex, pregnancy, or the need for time off work after the birth of a child. If you have vacation time saved up to take off work or are eligible for Family Medical Leave (FML), taking time off after your child’s birth shouldn’t count against your job or your career. This claim falls under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and/or Title VII sex discrimination. 

Speak with an Oklahoma Discrimination Attorney

Maybe you were a victim of wrongful termination while you were off work recovering from surgery or discriminated against when taking Family Medical Leave (FML) due to a serious medical situation in the family or for the birth or adoption of a child. No matter what the reason, you don’t have to take it. 

Tim Gilpin is an experienced discrimination lawyer with decades of experience helping clients on a contingency fee basis, with a free, up-front consultation. The law can be complicated and confusing, but Tim Gilpin has your back and will review your claim to see if you’re owed lost wages or benefits or compensation for emotional distress or pain and suffering. To get a consultation on your employment discrimination case, call Tim Gilpin of Gilpin Law Office at 918.583.8900 today. 

No fee if no recovery. 

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Tim Gilpin is a wonderful lawyer with great negotiation skills. I felt very well taken care of during a very difficult and stressful time. Any time I called or emailed with a question or concern, it was responded to very quickly and this has not been my experience with other law firms I have used in the past. Tim Gilpin’s exceptional knowledge and skill contributed to me being a very satisfied client. I’m very happy I chose Gilpin Law for legal representation.

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After a car accident and difficulties with the insurance company, we went to Gilpin Law to help get it settled. Mr. Gilpin handled our case quickly and professionally, with a positive outcome. We highly recommend Gilpin Law Firm!

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Great lawyer

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Due to reckless drivers over the years I've had to use Tim Gilpin more than once but I can certainly attest that he is one of the best around. He is competent, through, diligent and knows the law & how insurance companies operate! Once he's on the case I know that I have nothing to worry about other than healing. Something he insists on (your health and healing). I have referred others to him as well over the years - I too was fortunate to be referred by a friend that swears by him. He's definitely the lawyer to have if you ever are involved in an auto wreck!

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Attorney Tim Gilpin is an intelligent and hard-working lawyer who gets results for the people the represents. He is an attorney with high ethics and professionalism who works hard for his clients in civil litigation cases.

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