Workplace Discrimination in all forms

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cta-01Workplace discrimination & harassment comes in all forms, including what some call “reverse discrimination”. For almost 30 years, I’ve handled wrongful termination, work place discrimination and harassment legal actions, including pregnancy discrimination and Family Medical Leave cases. Ordinarily, its a woman or minority harassed and fired. Just like the recent McDonalds restaurant cases filed in Virginia by Black and Hispanic workers alleging rampant racial and sexual harassment by supervisors at 3 restaurants. As reported by the AP, their terminations were because they “didn’t fit the profile” desired at the McDonalds. The employees also allege they complained of 3 supervisors who called them disparaging racial names, touched them inappropriately; and, 1 supervisor who sent workers pictures of his genitals. This stuff happens. And, it hurts us all.
Not as typical, but it happens too, are cases where a woman manager is the sexual harasser in the workplace and acts to ruin the lives of male and female workers. Men can also suffer discrimination under the law. The AP reports about a suit out of Utah alleging males were not considered or hired for summer jobs at a Ruby Tuesdays, Park City Resort. An internal announcement went out advertising for summer positions, but added that only females would be considered; and, only females were hired. The law provides equal protection in the workplace. Sometimes it works both ways. Gilpin Law Office

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