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You’re driving on the street or highway and following the rules of the road. But, someone else doesn’t do the same. The result is a car wreck or auto crash that beats up your car and hurts you. Now you’re in unfamiliar territory. Your car is a wreck, you’re injured and there’s a set of problems that need answers. Quick answers. Who pays for your car to be repaired, a rental car and, most importantly, who’s responsible for your personal injuries and medical bills? Your car wreck requires an experienced personal injury attorney. Tim Gilpin has 30 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer.

Car wrecks between vehicles, trucks and trains, and auto accidents with a pedestrian, involve insurance, a claim and, typically, a dispute about who’s at fault and the value of your claim. Liability auto insurance comes from the person at fault. Their insurer owes you no duty to be fair. If that person doesn’t have insurance, or didn’t have enough insurance, then UM or uninsured auto insurance (if you have it) on your car comes into play. Your UM auto insurer then assumes the defense of the person at fault. An experienced car accident lawyer knows where to look, what questions to ask and how to get you relief sooner rather than later.

If you are injured in an auto accident that’s not your fault, you’re entitled to money damages for your car repair, rental car, medical bills and your personal injuries. An experienced auto accident lawyer knows how to get you compensated for temporary and permanent pain, suffering, disability, mental suffering, lost wages and loss of employment. Also, under negligence law, if the person at fault was intoxicated or grossly at fault, a claim can be made for punitive damages to set an example for others. A knowledgeable car wreck attorney can typically settle these cases without going to court. But, some cases require a lawsuit in court. Over 28 years of personal injury experience comes in handy negotiating that minefield.

With over 30 years of experience in personal injury law, Gilpin Law has achieved success for our clients with jury judgments and settlements well over $1 million a piece and maximum recoveries of all liability and UM insurance proceeds in auto wreck cases. Each client gets individual attention from an attorney. At Gilpin Law you talk to an experienced attorney, not a sales person, paralegal or TV star.

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