Cyberbullings & Heros

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cyberbullying1-resized-600.jpgCyberbullings – Lots of people experience Cyberbullings. Some people stand up against it. Tina Meier is one of those people. Life was looking up for Tina’s daughter, Megan Meier, after she spent years struggling with depression and attention deficit disorder. She had just started eighth grade at a new school, had joined the volleyball team and would have her braces off soon when she began chatting with a boy online named Josh Evans who wanted to be her friend. Later he turned on her and soon hundreds of cruel messages were posted on a bulletin about Megan. Josh’s last message said that everyone hated Megan and that the world would be better off without her. That night Megan committed suicide. Six weeks after Megan died, her mother Tina learned that Josh never existed. His account was set up by a neighbor on their block.

Tina Meier created the Megan Meier Foundation to fight for her daughter’s legacy. The Foundation’s mission is to “Promote awareness, education, and positive change in response to issues surrounding bullying, cyberbullying and suicide.” Today Megan travels around the country, speaking to students, educators, administrators, parents, counselors, law enforcement officers and other professionals about the dangers of cyberbullying. Tina hopes that she can empower young people to celebrate individuality and accept others for a kinder and safer world.

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