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androidDangerous Toys: Still on Store Shelves

Nearly 260,000 kids visit emergency rooms each year for toy-related injuries. 11 children, under 15 years old died while playing with toys in 2015. The most common injuries include poisoning, choking, ingesting magnets or falling from riding toys. While regulators, safety advocates and the parents of injured children have succeeded in ridding store shelves of many unsafe toys, too many still get through. Research your toy buys via this site, 

Exploding Samsung Galaxy 7 phones

E-cigarettes, hoverboard,and smartphones, may pose an unsafe explosion hazard. The culprit is lithium-ion batteries, which include unstable and flammable liquids. When improperly made devices include these batteries, the liquid can overheat and burst through the battery, igniting the device itself. Check out smart phone recalls here

Medical Devices: Recalls Double

Essure birth control coil and the St. Jude defibrillator. FDA has over 10,000 complaints from women suffering painful side effects related to the Essure birth control device. Countless lawsuits against Essure’s manufacturer, Bayer, are also ongoing. Also, more than 400,000 St. Jude defibrillation devices were recently recalled due to a faulty battery. Check out medical devise recalls here

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury doesn’t just happen on the football field. Traumatic brain injury occurs in car wrecks everyday in America. Dr. Bennet Omalu helped discover chronic traumatic encephalopathy in NFL players. Subsequent research has prompted athletic organizations to make concussion prevention and recovery a priority. This helped shed light on brain injuries and treatment that affects the rest of us in everyday wrecks, Check out brain injury info here

Asbestos: Widespread Hazard

Asbestos and related diseases still kill about 15,000 Americans a year. Even though asbestos is known to be extremely dangerous, the substance has not been banned in the United States.

If you or a loved one has worked as a “dry waller”, pipefitter, Fire Door Installer or in a ship yard, get tested and treated as soon as possible and contact Tim Gilpin at Gilpin Law Office to get up to speed on your legal rights against the manufacturers and vendors who supplied asbestos products. More information about asbestos disease here

Forced Arbitration: Sign a Contract, Lose Your Rights

Many corporations and employers are now hiding “forced arbitration” clauses in consumer and employment contracts.

This prohibits Americans from taking companies to court and instead forces them into secretive arbitrations, which are often stacked in the company’s favor. The New York Times investigation focused on harm causes in medical malpractice claims, sexual harassment, hate crimes, discrimination, theft, fraud, elder abuse and wrongful death. READ before you sign. Petition Congress to ban forced arbitration here

Lead in Water Sickens Thousands

Recent example, but not the only case, regards Flint, Michigan, were residents exposed to dangerous levels of lead in their drinking water. Other cities suffer the same problem. So, check your water. More info about lead in our water here

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription opiate deaths have quadrupled since 1999, killing an estimated 165,000 Americans. During the same time period, profits recorded by the drug companies that manufacture prescription painkillers have also skyrocketed. Meanwhile, a coalition of opioid manufacturers and their lobbyists have fought legislative measures introduced to stem the tide of overdose deaths. Information about the crisis here

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