Posts made in April, 2012

What employers are covered and must abide by the federal and state anti-discrimination laws? Employers with 15 or more employees fall under the federal and state anti-discrimination/harassment laws. These laws concern discrimination, harassment and wrongful firing due to race, gender, pregnancy, age, disability, religion, nationality and ethnic background.

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Arbitration & Wrongful Firing

Posted By on Apr 20, 2012

Can you be forced to “arbitrate” a dispute with an employer who wrongly fired you? Arbitration is a process outside of the Courts wherein a third paid person decides a dispute between the parties. It comes into use when the parties agree to arbitrate or when there is a prior contract that binds the parties to “arbitrate” their disputes. In the past, arbitration agreements existed mainly in business contracts....

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Car Wreck and Recorded Statements

Posted By on Apr 12, 2012

Car wreck and Recorded Statements. You’ve been in a car wreck, you’re hurt and it wasn’t your fault. Next the auto insurer for the party at fault contacts you, .. should you give a recorded statement? No. Chances are you don’t yet know what the nature and extent of your injuries are, this is foreign territory to you and, remember, the other guy’s insurer represents him/her, not you and your best...

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Job Discrimination – Alive & Well

Posted By on Apr 10, 2012

Job Discrimination/harassment and wrongful firing are alive and well in Tulsa & Oklahoma in general. Sad, but recent events illustrate that hatred still exists here and is experienced at different painful levels for a whole segment of our greater community, including African Americans, women and the disabled. It’s important to progress and growth to recognize that minority communities experience a different reality on a...

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How to Prove Job Discrimination

Posted By on Apr 6, 2012

How do I prove job discrimination or harassment at my work place? First, the employee needs to be with an employer that has 15 or more employees. Only employers with 15 or more employees come under the federal anti-discrimination acts. Second, the employee’s complaints must fit within one of the protected categories. Such as, discrimination, harassment or firing due to: race, sex, pregnancy, disability, age, religion,...

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